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In a bid to curb growing incidents of ‘passing off’ FIS has teamed up with Cundall Acoustics to develop an acoustic test certificate verification scheme.  The scheme takes test certificates and runs a series of checks to verify the certificates are genuine.

The scheme is currently being piloted with the FIS Operable Walls Group, whose members have submitted a range of test certificates for verification.  Results can be viewed by clicking on the Operable Walls link to the right of the screen.

‘The use of falsified certificates is not only dishonest but means that client’s end up paying for acoustic performance that is not achieved.  We are keen to curb this practice within our sector, to create not only a level playing field for our members but peace of mind for clients that the product selected has been properly tested.

‘It is envisaged the verification service will grow to encompass other acoustic performance products used in the fit out and finishes sector ie doors, partitioning, raised access flooring and suspended ceilings and will eventually be extended to include verification of other test certificates’.

David Frise
FIS chief executive

Test certificate verification scheme - operable walls

The product information referenced below has been reviewed by Cundall Johnston and Partners LLP and all products listed in the acoustic test certificate verification chart have test certification that are considered to satisfy the requirements of ISO 140-3: 1995
Click on the manufacturer cell to be directed to the specific product and acoustic data on the relevant manufacturer’s website.

Click here to view the Acoustic Test Certificate Verification Chart (in range order lowest first)