Sustainability related to your organisation

  • Have you reviewed your Sustainability Policy? 

  • How could it be upgraded and enhanced?

  • How is it communicated internally and externally?

  • Who is the person in your business responsible for ongoing improvement?

  • How knowledgeable are they, have they had any formal training?

Sustainability Policies

A factsheet produced by FIS to help write and implement Enviromental Policies

 The Supply Chain Sustainability School – Provides a wealth of free resources to support the Construction Supply Chain in improving Sustainability and helping to hit net-Zero Targets.  In partnership with the school FIS is working on a Finishes and Interiors Hub that will be launched in 2021.   

Do you have an internal working group looking at possibilities and opportunities?  Could you take a core business view and a project view (i.e. how can the business improve? how can we do more for less on each project?

Would external accreditation to e.g. ISO 14,001 help to bring a more intense focus on your business.

Have you used the FIS Golden Rules for Waste Reduction to support internal and external discussions?

Have you considered making a Pledge.  Keep checking back on this tookit as our working group starts to develop advice around science based and corporate targets relevant to our sector and case studies that may support a pledge based approach from you and our wider collective.  In the meantime, if you are keen to get ahead, have a look at The SME Climate Hub for examples of best practice.

Contact FIS on 0121 707 0077 or arrange an appointment via to discuss how you can improve on the ethical and environmental aspects of sustainability in your business.

FIS Sustainability Tookit

Defining Net Zero Part 2

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