Future of commercial property investment

Greg Mansell, Head of UK Research & Insight at commercial real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield looked at how the COVID Crisis is impacting the market, where the winners and losers are likely to be and what this is likely to mean for the future of commercial property investment around the UK.

Ironmongery Specification in a COVID 19 World

This new GAI written CPD presentation webinar helps to provide answers to questions on what ironmongery will be the most suitable products to use in these very different times.

Protecting your position in a new normal

Legal experts Emma Milham and David Rintoul of Hill Dickinson LLP take a look at managing some of the legal challenges associated with restarting construction.

Steering your business through the COVID-19 Restart

As Government advice changes to emphasise Stay Alert and project restart begins in earnest, FIS has pulled together a specialist panel to support your return to work. Each panellist will provide a 10 mins introduction and insight into the priorities for our community from their perspective and plenty of time will be made available for Questions and Answers.

The slides can be downloaded here.

The economic outlook for construction

As one of the leading authorities on construction economics in the UK, Dr Noble Francis is well placed to help us to make sense of the current economic backdrop and look at the near and medium term prospects for construction in the UK. Noble is an engaging speaker and always armed with hard facts and interesting perceptions.

Potential COVID-19 Economic and Construction Impacts

Vesting Certificates and how they can support Cash Flow

Many contractors or manufacturers have never considered the concept of vesting materials offsite. If you’ve got a tonne of cash tied up in product and materials that is in a factory and can’t be delivered due to delays to the programme, it could be a life saver.

Experienced QS Anthony Manson gives us insight into the what, who, how and when of vesting and how you can be paid for the material elements of a contract prior to the installation whilst at the same time protecting all parties.

You can access the information sheet on what vesting is here

Top tips to deal with stress, anxiety and social isolation related to COVID-19 phenomenon

 This webinar was delivered by our partners New Foundation Counselling who are mental health experts.

Contract Management, Avoiding Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Delay and Quantum Expert, Damian James has developed a toolkit to support FIS members in managing contracts, avoiding conflict and resolving disputes.  This toolkit will contain a number of tools to ensure that you manage your contractual relationships including template communications and a contract review tool. This webinar provided an introduction to the pack, how it will help you and look at how to manage and escalate matters whilst maintaining, wherever possible, healthy relationships.

The Shape Of Recovery

As with most things in life there is before, during and after and this is the case with COVID-19. Initially we have the crisis management period, then reflection and hiatus phase and ultimately a return to whatever the new normal looks like. Tom Hall, Chief Economist at Barbour ABI and AMA Research gave listeners an insight from their extensive ongoing research into how the market is likely to recover in the weeks and months ahead.

Weathering the storm – surviving the COVID-19 crisis

Practical advice for FIS Members on navigating the current crisis from business recovery expert. Tom Ahmad, Director, Bailey Ahmad Business Recovery draws on his extensive experience of helping businesses in distress, looks at the COVID-19 Business Support available and changes to insolvency laws to offer practical tips and support FIS Members through one of the most challenging periods the industry has ever faced.

Download the slides here

COVID-19 and the impact on mental health


The impact of fear and uncertainty on mental health and how it affects your physical health, lack of concentration, anxiety and worry for oneself and others
The impact of isolation and working remotely – what practical steps might be taken to reduce isolation and loneliness
The impact of change – how to deal with disruption and lack of control in dealing with the current crisis

Important government funding for FIS members

This webinar looked at how to access government funding through R&D Tax Credits. In a time where cash flow may be scarce, this can provide a source of funding available via the government’s R&D tax incentives.

We partnered with the UK’s largest R&D tax credit specialists, ForrestBrown, to bring you an important webinar on how you can quickly access this valuable funding.

Conflict Resolution and COVID-19

This webinar looked at the common sense steps needed to be taken to navigate potential commercial pitfalls associated with delays to construction projects caused by COVID-19. The advice focussed on record keeping, how to communicate effectively and structure your arguments to elicit collaboration and avoid conflict whilst at the same time protecting your business and people.

Presenter: Marc Preston BA(Hons) MRICS MCIOB MBACP

The slides can be accessed here

COVID-19: How to manage suspensions

With construction projects and disputes facing suspension due to COVID-19 we look at the practical steps to ensure your contractual entailment to time and money.

Presenter: Damian James, WWL, Delay and Quantum Expert

COVID-19: cash flow forecasting

With COVID-19 causing businesses in construction to radically scale back and even temporarily close, careful management of cash is going to be critical. This webinar looked at the fundamentals of cash flow forecasting and what you can do to help your business ride the storm.

COVID-19 and Employment Matters

Listen to experts from ClarksLegal discuss employment and contractual matters

COVID-19 - 2020: A year of unprecedented change

Delivered by our partners Citation

Unreasonable Contractual Clauses

We were joined on this webinar by John Bradley of Reynolds Colman Bradley LLP to support discussions around unreasonable contractual clauses.

Special Update from The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Stuart Young from the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy joined us on Monday 23 March to update listeners on the current state of play and answered questions from the audience. You can listen to the