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FIS in collaboration with Digital College is proud to be running the #BuildersBrew Mental Health campaign. It is a visual campaign that is image led and running on social media platforms of Twitter and Instagram.

The campaign is designed to get the construction industry, it’s supply chain and all of the public engaged to raise awareness about mental health issues that could affect anybody.  The concept of the #BuildersBrew is to talk about mental health over a mug of tea/coffee and in doing so asking people to send a photo of themselves with their #BuildersBrew mug to visually show their support for mental health.



Objectives of #BuildersBrew Mental Health Campaign:

  1. Raise awareness & help people to understand more about mental health issues
  2. Make talking about mental health a comfortable experience
  3. Drive engagement visually to illustrate how  mental health affects everybody at some point in their life
  4. Share positive practical steps to prevent mental health deterioration (prevention)
  5. Raise funds for the Lighthouse Club charity which specialises in providing financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families. 

We encourage you to join us in starting the conversation about mental health in construction by showing us your #BuildersBrew mugs on social media using the hashtag.#BuildersBrew and post your images on Twitter and Instagram @fisorg

Digital College offers a range of online mental health courses including the Introduction to Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace. As well as explaining what is meant by the terms “Mental Health” and “Wellbeing”, the course aims to raise awareness of common mental health issues and provides suggestions of what to do if/when working life is affected by a manageable mental health condition, such as stress, anxiety, low mood and depression.  For more information on courses go to


Order your #BuildersBrew mugs here;

Order your #BuildersBrew mugs here to show your support for mental health.  Funds raised will go to the Lighthouse Club Charity which specialises in providing financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families.

Give here


#BuildersBrew – mug of the week – weekly competition:

We run a fun weekly #BuildersBrew competition where we are asking people to submit images of themselves with their mugs of tea and coffee and post to @fisorg on our Instagram and Twitter platforms. We want people to positively engage and talk about mental health issues over a brew. The winner each week will get a FREE #BuildersBrew travellers mug

Read our Mental Health case study article in SpecFinish featuring Effrem Brynin from StrongMen here