This campaign is designed to get the construction industry, its supply chain and public engaged to raise awareness about mental health issues that could affect anybody.  The concept of #BuildersBrew is to talk about mental health over a mug of tea/coffee and ask people to send a photo of themselves with their #BuildersBrew mug to visually show support for mental health.

Objectives of #BuildersBrew Mental Health Campaign:

  1. Raise awareness and help people to understand more about mental health issues
  2. Make talking about mental health a comfortable experience
  3. Drive engagement visually to illustrate how mental health affects everybody at some point in their life
  4. Share positive practical steps to prevent mental health deterioration (prevention)
  5. Raise funds for the Lighthouse Club charity which specialises in providing financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families. 

We encourage you to join us in starting the conversation about mental health in construction by showing us your #BuildersBrew mugs on social media using the hashtag.#BuildersBrew and post your images on Twitter and Instagram @fisorg