The CPA’s weekly Economic and Construction Update provides an insightful summary of the latest economic and construction trends in the UK.


The CPA’s weekly Economic and Construction Update offers a comprehensive overview of the current economic and construction trends in the UK, including key indicators like CPI inflation, core CPI inflation, UK construction average weekly earnings, UK construction insolvencies, UK house price index, and the UK residential market survey. This resource is valuable for individuals keen on the UK construction sector, with a user-friendly contents page for easy navigation to specific sections of interest.


In the latest report, it is evident that CPI Inflation and Core CPI Inflation for January 2023 have shown moderate increases, reflecting the current economic climate. The ONS Construction Output data for December 2023 indicates steady growth in the sector, with promising signs for future developments. Additionally, the ONS Construction New Orders for Q4 of 2023 demonstrate a positive outlook for upcoming projects within the construction industry.

Moreover, the ONS UK Construction Employment figures for the same period reveal stable employment rates, highlighting the industry’s resilience and ability to provide job opportunities. On another note, the Insolvency Service UK Construction Insolvencies data for December 2023 shows a decrease in insolvencies, indicating a more robust financial landscape for construction companies.


Lastly, the ONS UK House Price Index for December 2023 presents an overview of the housing market, showcasing trends and fluctuations in property prices. Overall, the comprehensive update provides valuable insights into various aspects of the construction and housing sectors, offering a glimpse into the current state of the UK economy.