FIS is continuing its work with No Going Back, an initiative to support prison leavers, and an opportunity has come up to visit HMP Brixton.

The visit will take place on Thursday 25 January from 9am and we are looking for members to join us to explain the pathways into the sector and how they can build a lasting career.

The individuals attending this event are within their release window and have an interest in drylining and construction, as well as those actively enrolled in the drylining workshop.

Instructors at HMP Brixton will provide details on the training individuals have undertaken during their sentence. Additionally, No Going Back and Employers can deliver an overall presentation (a talk on the company and pathways to roles in the industry) and men could showcase different drylining tasks.

There will then be dedicated time for one-on-one sessions between employers and the prison leavers.

If you can support this event, email by Tuesday 16 January as the prison will then be able to promote the event.