FIS has today launched new guidance – Introduction to the Golden Thread and Digital Information Plans – to help businesses in the finishes and interiors sector get to grips with all the jargon and new regulations associated with the golden thread and digitalisation of construction.

A recent FIS Digitalisation Survey found that 60% of contractors and 44% of product manufacturers and suppliers do not understand what is needed to meet Digital/Golden Thread Requirements in the Building Regulations. In light of these findings, this new FIS guide has been designed to help product suppliers and contractors operating in the finishes and interiors sector cut through the complex terminology and begin to form their own digital plan of work. It draws on published information and principles set down in a myriad of technical and information standards and aligns this to the requirements set down in the Building Safety Act and wider reform of Construction Regulations.

The new guidance provides an overview of the Building Safety Act 2022, the golden thread of information and the new regulatory framework. There is an emphasis on Stage 4 (Technical Design) and Stage 5 (Construction Information) of the RIBA Plan of Work. The guide brings clarity to digitalisation, the new common data environment (CDE) responsibilities and explains how to manage product data and what is needed in order to create a digital information plan. It also explores BIM, digital twins and the role of artificial intelligence.

 Commenting on the guide, Iain McIlwee, Chief Executive of the FIS said:

“At the heart of this document is the principle that no one company and no one solution will or should deliver the golden thread alone. It is inherently a collaborative process that should ensure essential information is shared effectively and understood thoroughly.  This is the responsibility of all in the supply chain.”

We hope that this new FIS guidance brings clarity and provides an understanding of what is required for companies to form their own digital plan of work.”

You can download the Introduction to the Golden Thread and Digital Information Plans at