Are you interested in the latest developments in the fire testing industry? The IFE Fire Testing webinar may hold the answers to some of the challenges faced in this field. During this webinar, experts will analyse the latest research and suggest how digital innovation could provide solutions. Participants will also learn about fire testing procedures in accordance with key BS and EN standards and discuss the potential impacts of removing BS 476 from Approved Doc B.

If you are a client organisation, housing provider, architect, design/multi-disciplinary firm, fire engineering firm, fire test house, testing, inspection and accreditation body, or a regulator, this webinar is for you. You will gain insights into the latest market research, an overview of current fire test types and relevant standards, and information on future solutions that can enhance capacity, competence, and capability. The event will conclude with a post-event copy of the presentations and a recording of the webinar for future reference. Join us to learn more about the exciting developments in the fire testing industry.