AWCI has released “Safe Work Practices for Wall & Ceiling Industry Construction Workers, an AWCI Safety Resource,” a publication on best practices for construction site safety.

Targeted to construction professionals in the wall and ceiling industry, the 28-page document provides summaries of safety best practices and principles on 41 potential hazards in the drywall and plastering fields. The subject matter ranges from aerial lifts to welding and includes several topics specific to drywall construction, such as drywall carts and stilts.

FIS Chief Executive Iain McIlwee said:

“We enjoy a great relationship with the AWCI built on shared values and collaboration.  We are grateful that we can bring this fabulous resource, developed in the US, to support safety in the UK”.

The information provided is a quick read and easy to understand, and is useful for toolbox-talk presentations as well as a year-round resource.