According the the latest FIS State of Trade Survey, the finishes and interiors finished 2022 relatively strongly with a net balance of 42% experienced growth in sales (against 17% in Q3) and 50% of those responding to the FIS State of Trade Survey reporting sales volumes increasing by over 5% (up from 33% reporting the same in Q3).

Looking ahead to 2023, again the picture for sales is more positive than in Q3 with those predicting growth swinging from just 20% to 75%.  There is, however, an acceptance that some projects will slip and not all will turn into boots on the ground and the overall impact on anticipated workload is that there is a slight downward trend with just 33% predicting growth (versus 45% in Q3).

The majority anticipate static market conditions for the year ahead, with a small swing in terms of those predicting a decline (up to 26% from 25% last quarter) resulting  in a net balance predicting growth of 9%.   This is slightly less optimistic than in Q4 2021 when a net balance of 18% were predicting an increase in workloads.

You can read the full findings, including an update on inflation and investment in the FIS State of Trade Survey Q4 2022 here.

FIS data is absorbed into the wider CPA State of Trade Survey – you can see the full results and findings here.