The Construction Leadership Council have issued a statement encouraging and reminding Industry Accreditation card holders to take action to retain their card in light of changes to “grandfather rights” that will be implemented from the end of 2024.  The statement issued was: 

CLC Statement on Industry Accreditation Cards
Building Safety and competence are two of the CLC’s priorities. As an industry, and in accordance with various sets of legislation including the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) and the Building Safety Act, we must demonstrate to the regulator, our clients, building occupiers and the wider public that those designing, building and maintaining the built environment are competent to do so. The CLC recommendation introduced in 2015 and updated in 2017 and 2020 set an expectation of all CSCS cards being achieved via qualification by the end of 2024.

The different ways in which those individuals who hold a blue, gold or black industry accreditation card (issued by CSCS, via industry accreditation) can move to an appropriate card has been set out. This may be by:

Recognising a qualification they already have.

  • Assessing their competence against the relevant qualification for their occupation.
  • Undertaking any additional training required.
  • For a minority, it may require more extensive training.

Whilst all Industry Accreditation cardholders are required to take action to retain their card from January 2025, it should not be overly onerous for those able to demonstrate their competence and there may be grants and funding available for employers.

Commenting on the upcoming changes and new guidance FIS Skills and Training Lead George Swann stated:

“Companies need to be checking now how their workers are qualified and when this will expire.  As competency checking ramps up in the wake of new legislative requirements, we don’t want to find a new raft of workers becoming unavailable due to administration issues rather than ability.  A green labourer card is not the answer, your skilled workers need to show verifiable proof of competence for their employed occupation to meet the requirements of legislation.  If you need any help getting your workers qualified and carded appropriately for the work they are doing contact the FIS.  The FIS network of Training Provider members give offers and discounts to fellow members you may be surprised at how your FIS membership can support your employees and organisations proof of competence.”

All Industry Accreditation (IA) cards issued from 1 Jan 2020 will expire on 31 Dec 2024 and cannot be renewed.  This guidance is designed to help you understand your next steps to replace your card.  What you need to do next depends on your occupation and what qualifications you may hold.  If you do not visit site regularly, or you have moved into an office-based role you may no longer require a card.  Those needing to obtain a qualification DO NOT need to attend college. The SVQ/NVQ (S/NVQ) can be achieved via various routes and CITB grants may be available.

Further guidance for Industry Accreditation card holders is available at

For more information please visit the Sector Guide to a Competency Management plan