FIS is working with CITB to develop training standards for the finishes and interiors sector, these standards will attract Grant Eligible Training, GET code support per candidate as follows:

  • Tier 1     £30
  • Tier 2     £70
  • Tier 3     £120

FIS has been requested to seek subject matter experts to populate standards with the following titles:

TS0200                  Grant Tier 1        British Gypsum Site Managers Certificate Interior Systems Installation (title will probably change to Interior Systems Site Managers Certificate)

TS0203                  Grant Tier 2        Ceiling Fixing Installation

TS1966                  Grant Tier 2        Introduction to setting out and installation of lay in grid systems

TS0198                  Grant Tier 1        Movable Partitioning Installation

TS1963                  Grant Tier 2        The design and selection of correct systems (acoustic/fire/loading and penetrations)

TS1965                  Grant Tier 2        The introduction to identifying laying grid suspended ceiling systems

TS1967                  Grant Tier 2        The repairs and alterations of laying grid system and various types of ceiling tiles

TS1490                  Grant Tier 2        Producing Internal Solid Finishes

TS1491                  Grant Tier 2        Producing External Render Finishes

TS1492                  Grant Tier 2        Applying Plasters to Complex Internal Surfaces

TS1498                  Grant Tier 2        Producing Specialist Plastering Finishes

TS1505                  Grant Tier 2        Applying Projection Plaster and Maintaining Equipment

If you would like to get involved in this work, potentially one day of your time in the new year, please email George Swann or if you would like discuss in more detail call George on 07553 874383.