Build UK has published a guide setting out the most common Routes of Entry in Construction for young people in England leaving school, including apprenticeships, traineeships, T Levels and degrees, and how they might suit different employers.  Although the routes of entry into the industry can be complex and confusing, employers that understand them are well placed to offer opportunities and recruit their future workforce.

This helps deliver work under:

  • The CLC’s Skills Plan (pg.10), Priority 2: Routes into Industry to ‘Improve the links between education and employers to support the pathways into and through apprenticeships, T Levels and employment’; and
  • CITB’s Strategic Plan (pp.8), which states: “supporting and equipping employers and potential entrants with the information they need and making the routes into construction as simple as possible”

 The guidance has been endorsed by CITB and the Department of Work & Pensions.

Commenting on the launch, FIS Skills and Training Lead George Swann stated:

This is a straight forward brief on what is primarily available in England, if you need more details or have any specific questions, contact me on 07553 874383 or email