The Government has commissioned a review of the Shortage Occupations List (SOL) to identify whether other occupations need additional support when recruiting workers from outside the UK. The SOL, which lists the job roles where a worker can be paid 80% of the usual going rate whilst still qualifying for a Skilled Worker visa, will be reviewed to determine whether the current occupations should continue to be included and any new occupations with a RQF level 3 or above qualification should be added. Build UK will be contributing to the review through the reconvened CLC working group on immigration, and it is scheduled to be completed by March 2023 with any changes implemented by autumn 2023.

Under the Points‐Based Immigration System, most workers from outside the UK in construction are ‘skilled workers’ and require a Skilled Worker visa to work in an eligible occupation. Build UK has updated its flowchart providing an overview of the process of employing a worker from outside the UK, as well as its detailed guidance on How to Get a Sponsor Licence and How to Get a Skilled Worker Visa.