An employer is able to apply for grants in respect of construction industry related training undertaken by:

  • directly employed staff (including apprentices) on the payroll;
  • sub-contractors (both net and gross-paid); and
  • sole traders and partnerships.

Provided the individuals are working at the time of the training for the employer making the application and that CITB grant support has not already been received for the particular training and/or qualification.  An employer may authorise third party training providers and/or colleges providing services to the employer to complete a grant application on their behalf.  Where the employer so authorises, the responsibility to ensure that applications are made in accordance with the Grants Scheme terms and conditions and to repay any grants received as a result of an error by the third party remains with the employer.  The employers construction industry levy payments must be up to date.  If your allowing training or qualification assessment of your sub-contractors on your jobs or sites, regardless of how the training and/or qualification is being paid for find out what they are undertaking and claim the Employer grant.

To apply for grant, applicants should visit CITB’s website.  The requirements specific to each grant type should be checked prior to submitting an application as some grants operate restrictions.  If you are unsure please contact Marie Flinter 07799 903103 or email