Now pupils are heading back to school and those who left in June or July follow their post school dreams there is going to be a number of young people who are undecided, back into education, further education linked to an occupation, employment or an apprenticeship.  If you are looking to increase your workforce the pool of undecided could be an opportunity.

When you embark on the quest to recruit it is worth considering what qualification options there are available for your new employees.  FIS have 34 Training Provider members up and down the country offering training, qualifications and apprenticeships from the trades to senior management take a look at FIS Training Directory for a fellow member in your area, some of these training organisations operate nationally and will deliver the necessary training onsite.

Vocational qualifications are the main stay of the sector but are more suited to experienced workers unless preceded by a formal training programme leading to a recognised national qualification, as they are in the apprenticeship frameworks for Scotland and Wales.  Individuals learn the skills and knowledge in a training environment and apply these in the workplace to develop the appropriate attitude and gain experience.

For apprenticeships in England FIS members deliver training for the following trade options:

  • Plasterer
    • Option 1 – Solid
    • Option 2 – Fibrous
  • Interior Systems installer
    • Option 1 – Dryliner
    • Option 2 – Ceilings and Partitions Installer

Take a look and download a copy of the FIS Apprentice – Guidance for Employers.  If you need any assistance to source training or qualifications call FIS on 0121 707 0077 or email