The Construction Leadership Council has published an update to its sector-wide skills plan for construction and the built environment. This year CLC is focussing its efforts around four strategic priorities with a spotlight on creating the right culture change and broadening diversity.

1. Improving access to opportunities for all
2. Boosting all routes into industry
3. Ongoing collaboration to develop competence frameworks
4. Preparing for the future of construction

FIS Skills and Training Lead George Swann, said:

The Construction Leadership Councils updated Skills Plan is encouraging as it’s very clearly aligned to the current work of FIS. If you attended one of the regional events you will know the focus is on recruitment, retention, social responsibility, competence and funding.  We know the labour market is tight and the sectors employers are in competition with other construction sectors and other industries to recruit and retain a talented workforce, to succeed there must be a combined and consistent approach, the finishes and interiors sector employers must continue to work together.

To realise the strategy CLC are asking construction industry employers to:

  • Employ and support an individual to complete an Apprenticeship
  • Transfer your Apprenticeship Levy to another construction business
  • Embrace T-Levels and offer an industry placement
  • Offer a Traineeship work experience placement
  • Provide a Work Experience or Taster opportunity
  • Share your skills and teach in further education
  • Post vacancies on Talent View Construction
  • Support local Skills Bootcamps and Training Hubs
  • Adopt the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) Programme
  • Become a Construction STEM Ambassador

George added:

Information, advice and guidance is available on all of these points from FIS, either online at or if you would like to talk through options for recruitment, retention, social responsibility, competence and funding telephone 0121 707 0077 or email

The updated skills plan will ensure the construction sector can achieve joint goals by setting out clear commitments for industry, government, and employers.

Industry can get behind the plan by supporting the initiatives, including Apprenticeships, T-Levels, Traineeships, Skills Bootcamps and Talent View Construction.