Construction apprenticeships come out on top in Scotland, despite pandemic challenges.  Figures recently released by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) indicate construction apprenticeships have bounced back from the pandemic, stronger than ever.  The Modern Apprenticeship Statistics report reveals that the number of Construction and Related Modern Apprentices (MAs) in training for the end of quarter three 2021-22 was 12,814, which is 254 more apprentices than in 2019-20 and account for 32% of the 34,000 apprentices in Scotland.  Construction is also the first sector to return to pre-pandemic levels.

In comparison the total numbers for the same period in the Finishes and Interiors Sector are:

Number of registered apprentices:

  • England:
    • Interior Systems Installer ST0388 = 90 (average annual starts 150)
    • Plasterer ST0096 = 470 (average annual starts 629)
  • England old framework (VQ outcome) = 62 Interior System, 240 Plastering
  • Scotland = 88 Interior Systems, 70 Plastering
  • Wales = 9 Interior Systems, 51 Plastering
  • Completed VQ’s in Interior Systems = 1720
  • Completed VQ’s in Plastering = 1380

A few factors will have contributed to the thriving numbers, including the Apprenticeship Employer Grant of £5,000, which was launched by the Scottish Government and SDS back in 2020-21.  Additionally, those employers were supported by approximately £1.25m in CITB attendance grants.  To date, there are 4,500 apprentices in Scotland with Levy-registered employers, who benefit from just over £90m in direct and indirect grants from CITB and SDS.

With much of the industry relying on word-of-mouth methods to recruit, it can be difficult to reach a more diverse range of applicants.  Looking ahead, FIS is keen to support employers in this space, helping them create a more inclusive workplace, where the sector can benefit from the wide range of skills and traits.

George Swann FIS Skills and Training Lead says.  “Wherever you are located in the UK, if your organisation is looking to take on apprentices now is the time to get vacancies up on platforms like Construction TalentView: Employer Registration and National Apprenticeship Services: Creating an Apprenticeship Advert  to see existing vacancies go to: Find Apprenticeships Dryliners .

FIS is happy to support with any skills and training questions. Contact George on 07553 874838.


FIS Regional Meetings

With labour shortages and recruitment a key challenge within the sector, FIS is hosting a series of breakfast meetings to address the skills shortages. These events will focus on a collective response to labour shortages and attracting the next generation of workers.

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