Have you ever wondered where the products you buy come from?

For products made with wood (table, paper or construction products), labels such as FSC or PEFC for timber products have been in place for a long time. Those labels promote the responsible management of forests and provide the buyers with reassurance on the origin of the products.

BES6001 is a certification scheme, developed by BRE Global over 10 years ago, which provides a framework for the assessment of responsible sourcing and a route for the certification of construction products against a multi criteria approach. BRE is proposing a new version of the standard, version 4, which is now avaialble for public comments. CPA worked with BRE on the initial development of this standard over a decade ago and has commented on previous versions of the standard. FIS, unless otherwise challenged by its members, broadly support the approach as it provides a route for the demonstration of best practice.

The standard is available here and track changes highlight changes from version 3. If you have any comments please feed these in to Flavie Lowres via email (flavielowres@thefis.org) before 15 December 2021.