The deadline for employers to apply for the incentive payment for new apprentices hired between April and September 2021 is fast approaching. Eligible employers must apply for their incentive payment by 30 November 2021.

  • how to apply video including a walk through of the steps to take within the Apprenticeship service.
  • how to apply guide including when to apply, steps to take before applying, how to apply and what happens after applying.
  • guidance page including eligibility, how the payment can be used and when payments are made.

Apprenticeships and Funding in England

Earlier this week, FIS hosted a webinar which explained the current process for recruiting, employing and/or hiring apprentices and securing the funding to which your organisations are eligible.

It highlighted some of the quirks of the funding system and provided an explanation to help a successfull application.

The webinar was presented by Ajay Purbhoosing, a Senior Account Manager with London Progression Collaboration, who has many years experience in education and training. The organisation has secured over £8.2m of levy transfer pledges to support small business in order to rebuild and reskill their workforces.