The theme for the 15th annual National Apprenticeship Week has been announced today.

The National Apprenticeship Week 2022 theme of ‘Build the Future’ continues from 2021, and focuses on the benefits apprenticeships can have on individuals, businesses, and local communities and a toolkit on how to get involved is now available.

The theme of “Build the Future” continues for its second National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), which will take place between 7 and 13 February 2022.

The 15th annual week-long celebration will take place across England, encouraging individuals of any age to reach their career goals by building their skills and knowledge through an apprenticeship.

George Swann FIS Skills and Training Lead said

“National Apprenticeship Week showcases the benefits of apprenticeships for the UK economy, now that England has made apprenticeships available to individuals of any age it allows employers to invest in upskilling existing employees as well as securing the future of their organisations by taking on new entrants.  With over 100 construction apprenticeships listed on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website: Apprenticeship Standards Construction and incentive payments of up to £4000 for each apprentice an employer takes on, it is a good time to review your organisations succession plans.  If you have apprentices please get involved in this and promote careers in the Finishes and Interiors Sector, if you have been thinking about taking on or putting your existing employees through an apprenticeship the information contained in this article should help you come to an informed decision.  If you need further information, advice or guidance please give FIS a call on 0121 707 0077 or email

Peter Mucklow, Director, Apprenticeships, Education and Skills Funding Agency said:

National Apprenticeship Week is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the many benefits that apprenticeships bring to employers, individuals and the wider economy.

Apprenticeships build skills supply now and for the future, and form an important part of many organisations’ recruitment, skills and business strategies. We want employers to showcase how they are realising the return on their investment when apprentices are brought into the business. Apprenticeships offer outstanding access to skilled careers across a wide range of occupations and industries. We want current apprentices from all sectors and of all ages to get behind the Week and to demonstrate the positive impact of apprenticeships on their careers, families and communities.

I encourage employers, providers, partners, and apprentices to begin planning for National Apprenticeship Week 2022 now so we can spend the week collectively celebrating the impact of apprenticeships on individuals and our great businesses and public services.

To support National Apprenticeship Week 2022 individuals, employers, training providers and communities can get involved by encouraging everyone to consider how apprenticeships can help #BuildTheFuture. A toolkit is available to support the apprenticeship community with planning their activity for National Apprenticeship Week 2022.

Download the toolkit from

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