Contractors bidding for central Government contracts worth more than £5 million a year are now required to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan. Plans must be updated at least once a year and meet the standard set out in Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/21, which includes a template for contractors to use.

The CLC CO2nstruct Zero programme is bringing the construction supply chain together to drive carbon out of the sector. Businesses across the industry are being encouraged to align their own commitments to one or more of the nine priorities and sign up as a ‘Business Champion’.

Businesses that wish to can make a formal commitment to reaching net zero by signing up to the Carbon Reduction Code for the Built Environment. Signatories to the code commit to meeting net zero by 2045, with an interim target to reduce net direct and indirect carbon emissions by 2030, and to publishing annual reports on progress towards their goal.

FIS Members wishing to update or develop a Carbon Reduction Plan can visit the FIS Sustainability Hub for resources and ideas or contact FIS Sustainability Champion, Flavie Lowres to discuss ideas and options.