The latest information from Builders’ Conference shows that there were 441 contracts worth £7.5 billion awarded in September. Whilst the value was 60% higher than the previous month (£4.7 billion), it did include a £2.2 billion contract for the Colne Valley Viaduct which is part of HS2, underlining the importance of the Government’s investment in infrastructure. For the first time since December 2020, the public sector outperformed the private sector, recording 51% of the value. There were 165 housing projects worth £2.5 billion (33%) and 55 office projects with a total value of £561 million (8%).

The number of tender opportunities was 24% down on August and remained 53% below the monthly average for the past year.

Market Data

FIS has access to a wide range of market data from sources including the CPA and Barbour ABI. In addition, FIS produces a state of trade survey specifically for the finishes and interiors sector.