The Education and Skills Funding Agency have updated the guidance on apprenticeships initial assessment to recognise prior learning.  The updated guidance supports providers to tailor apprenticeship programmes to meet apprentices’ needs by establishing the correct starting point for each apprentice.  It also contains important information for employers and apprentices about the need for, and importance of, initial assessment and recognition of prior learning.

In response to industry feedback, they have included more information about how to conduct the initial assessment and assess prior learning and experience in accordance with the policy intent and the apprenticeship funding rules.  The update includes:

  • expanded content on why it is important to conduct initial assessment
  • a new section on the benefits of recognising prior learning
  • expanded content on how to conduct initial assessment and how prior learning and experience can be assessed – including a case study
  • a new section on what prior learning and experience should not be included
  • expanded content on who is responsible for the recognition of prior learning and experience
  • a new section on how other technical education programmes that are aligned to occupational standards should be taken account of

This guidance will be kept under review as further training programmes that are aligned to employer designed occupational standards are introduced.