The latest information from Builders’ Conference shows that there were 516 contracts worth £7.2 billion awarded in June. Whilst the number was slightly lower than the previous month, it was still 3% higher than the monthly average over the past year and 24% higher than June 2020, indicating that construction has recovered more quickly from the most recent lockdown. The increase in value was largely due to three projects worth £1.3 billion awarded under the Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) programme to provide repair and maintenance services across the UK defence estate. 26% of all the contracts awarded by value were housing (£1.9 billion) and 13% were rail projects (£925 million).

The number of tender opportunities was consistent with the previous month but remains 29% below the monthly average for the past year.

Market Data

FIS has access to a wide range of market data from sources including the CPA and Barbour ABI. In addition, FIS produces a state of trade survey specifically for the finishes and interiors sector.