The Construction Leadership Council (CLC)’s Net Zero workstream, CO2nstruct Zero is seeking views on how the industry should demonstrate progress on its collective Net Zero journey.

The findings will feed into the creation of a performance framework – a suite of metrics, targets, milestones and commitments – that the industry can use to measure impact and understand when and where further action needs to be taken.

The overarching framework will amplify many of the goals and initiatives already shared in this space, and ensure industry speaks in a single and unified voice.

Commenting on the survey’s launch, Andrew Griffith MP, the UK’s Net Zero business champion, said:

“The construction industry has a vital role to play in achieving society’s Net Zero ambitions and how we measure its progress will be vital to, not only meeting our targets, but ensuring we bring all businesses – large and small – on the journey.”

Andy Mitchell, co-chair of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), said:

“A comprehensive and cohesive approach to measuring Net Zero progress is the foundation for so much more. Most importantly, it will ensure industry can be both challenged and praised. I’d urge all organisations and business groups working in our sector to complete the survey today and help us shape a Net Zero future.”

A copy of the metrics framework is available here

A spreadsheet has been prepared by the CLC to allow you to comment on the proposed metrics. 

Respondants are asked to provide your feedback on the four questions for each metric that you wish to comment on in the relevant box.  A spreadsheet has been developed to help structure response here.

Please send your responses to or call Iain on 07792 959 481 to discuss options and possibilities.  Feedback is required by Wednesday 9 June.

Visit the Sustainability Hub

FIS has created a Sustainability Toolkit to help support business on their journey to net zero. If you are interested in improving the sustainability of your business or working on projects where there is the opportunity to introduce or the need to comply with key environmental or health requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact the FIS team.