FIS is working to support an increase in availability, quality an uptake of apprenticeships in the sector to help address labour shortages linked to the new immigration system.  We need the sector to rally to help accelerate this work.

We are particularly keen at the moment to get sight of any materials, documents, folders, electronic data and images that are being or have been used to deliver training for Dry Liners (from suppliers to support their customers, training providers or internal resources from contractors).  At this stage, absolutely anything and everything you send will be considered and possibly used in the production of a single standardised trainer package that can be accessed by all FIS Approved Training Providers and Employer members.  The aim is to ensure a consistent standard of training is delivered across the UK and that employers will know what to expect from and how to support training providers.

If you have anything that you feel can be used to support (links, files, documents, animations, videos, youtube clips etc) please email to or post to FIS, Olton Bridge, 245 Warwick Road, Solihull, B92 7AH.  There is a specific package produced by CITB around 2007 that we are particularly keen to get our hands on.  The inside cover contains a CD and this has been identified as a good starting point for reviewing and updating the core Dry Lining training support materials, if you can copy or send this to FIS, it would be a great help.   Many thanks in anticipation and any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0121 707 0077.

An image of a similar the pack

We have also set up an employers group to support the development of the Interior Systems Installer Apprenticeship and Drylining Apprenticeship in Scotland – the next meeting is set for 19 May – if you are interested in attending, you can register to attend here.

Thanks in advance from your support and please don’t hesitate to contact George Swann me with any questions, comments or thoughts.