On 1 April nearly 400 qualifications are available at Level 3 qualifications became free to access for over-24s without A-levels, an advanced technical diploma or equivalent.  This is part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and includes over 60 construction‐related courses for qualifications in occupations like Occupational Work Supervision, Site Carpenter, painting and decorating and several others.

Around 11 million adults are eligible for the scheme, which is backed by £95 million in Government funding, and individuals can train part‐time, full time or online for up to 12 weeks depending on the course (or up to 16 weeks on a full‐time skills bootcamp) while continuing to receive Universal Credit.

You can find out more about free courses here.

George Swann, FIS Skills and Training Lead says, “If your workforce do not have qualifications with the introduction of the Building Safety Bill later this year this is definitely worth a look, to see if there is anything applicable to the roles you employ”.