Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. Incentive payments are available to employers, but differ across each home nation.

The Employer Incentive Scheme in Wales will now run until 30 September 2021.  Businesses can claim up to £4,000 (increased from £3,000) for each new apprentice they hire under the age of 25 (for at least 30 hours per week) and to £2,000 for under 30 hours.  For workers aged 25 and over, businesses can access £2,000 for each new apprentice they hire on a 30 hour+ and a £1,000 incentive for apprentices working less than 30 hours.  Payments are restricted to 10 learners per business and dedicated funding is also available to recruit disabled people and for workers who lost a previous apprenticeship position because of COVID-19.

The grant will provide:

  • £5,000 for employers taking on or upskilling a 16 to 24-year old apprentice, and for those aged up to 29 years who are disabled, care leavers and minority ethnic
  • £3,500 for employers taking on or upskilling an apprentice aged 25 plus

England and Northern Ireland
Employers will receive £3,000 for new employees of any age who start their apprenticeship from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021.  The incentive payment is in addition to the £1,000 employers already receive for hiring an apprentice, aged 16 to 18 years old or under 25 with an education, health and care plan or who has been in the care of their local authority.

Visit the Skills Hub for more information on taking on an apprentice and qualifying your workforce.