Independent Fire Inspections is launching its new online course, Preparing for IFE Level 3 Exam Passive Fire Protection, on 1 February 2021.  The course has been developed for eLearning, to provide training and the necessary preparation for those looking to sit their Level 2 and Level 3 Passive Fire Protection Exams with the Institute of Fire Engineers.  All materials and tests are online, leading to a final exam that can be carried out with the IFE directly in March or October each year.

The Institute of Fire Engineers has provided their recognition for this course and it has also been Accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers.  What does this mean?  Two respected industry institutions have reviewed this training course and the quality of Independent Fire Inspections Ltd as a training provider, have deemed them acceptable and are willing to recommend them.

Independent Fire Inspections Ltd.’s Director, Ben Freeman has said “We are really pleased to be launching this comprehensive course to the industry, the first of its kind in E-Learning format, having evolved our current courses and added a lot more content, we are excited to begin delivering this online. All of our own inspectors and team members have been instrumental in pulling the course together along with industry experts.”

The course is being offered at an introductory discounted cost, please contact for further information.

The course can be purchased directly via the website