The FIS Training Group has secured additional funding to support the cost of training and qualifications completed by FIS employer members in scope to CITB.

The additional funding, of up to £2,000 per company, covers a range of training from generic health and safety through to specialist courses such as spray plastering, deflection heads or fire door inspection and includes vocational qualification achievement.  This funding is in addition to the CITB grant eligible training (GET) code grant you already claim from CITB.

How to claim

Simply send the invoice for training completed since 1st August 2020 to if it meets the criteria set out below, we will arrange a refund to the full 100% of the course cost (up to a maximum of £2,000 per company, less the grant already claimed from CITB and less VAT incurred).  The funding will be available on a first come, first served basis.

For a full list of eligible courses please see: CITB training standards

CITB GET Fund FIS Supplement Terms and Conditions

  1. The supplement cannot be used for GET codes that are already included on an individual employer contracted CITB Skills and Training allocation.
  2. An FIS supplement can only be paid to organisations ‘in scope’ to CITB and up to date with levy payments.
  3. The supplement is primarily for micro and small organisations no more than 25% of the total fund can be paid to large organisations (100 or more employees).
  4. Non grant eligible training is not covered by this supplement.
  5. Training must have taken place between 01 August 2020 and 31 March 2021 and have been completed before applying.
  6. Training must have been completed by delegates who are currently employed by or are NET (taxed) Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sub-contractors of CITB registered employers.
  7. Invoices supplied must show the full costs of the training completed including CITB registration number, Training Provider, course name, CITB GET code, Tier value, date of completion, number of delegates, course cost and VAT.
  8. Successful applications will be notified within 25 working days.
  9. Payments will be made when the invoice is verified.

Funding is limited so cannot be guaranteed.

FIS is happy to review and support all of your funding claims through our one to one Skills and Funding Clinics.

This is a service freely available to members through the booking form here.  Members are also strongly advised to apply for the CITB Skills and Training Fund 2020 which can allow organisations to claim up to £25,000 to support their training needs.