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The Department for International Trade has published the UK’s import tariff schedule. This schedule would be used in a no deal Brexit from 31 October for all imports apart from those from countries we have signed a trade deal with (such as Switzerland, Norway etc.). An original version of this was published in March. The changes to that schedule have been minimal and should not impact materials trade (they concern bioethanol, clothing and food). The basic rule for products your members (or their customers and competitors) may import is that the tariff is 0% unless there is a trade remedy attached to the product line in question.

The relevant GOV.UK links are here:

There will be some companies who have concerns about the impacts of this regime and the offer is there for anyone who would like to discuss those concerns. There will be a review procedure and the opportunity for companies and/or trade associations to make a case for a change to the tariff schedule where appropriate.