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MHCLG has published its analysis of responses to the call for evidence concerning the Technical Review of Approved Document B (fire safety) which closed on 15 March 2019.

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Summary of general comments

  • There was a large degree of commonality of viewpoint on many issues
  • While the consultation focused on technical matters, a considerable number of responses included non-technical observations
  • There were many suggestions for minor amendments
  • While there was a desire for change, this was tempered by a realisation that there is a need for much research and that the resulting impacts and the cost of change could be extensive and needs careful consideration
  • Whatever changes were to occur would require a published implementation programme
  • On the status of ADB, one viewpoint expressed it allowed too much freedom and a prescriptive approach is needed while others favoured that a correct understanding and use of ADB guidance in practice needed strengthening
  • While flexibility was considered beneficial, a number of response threads were not adverse to a more prescriptive approach being taken on certain matters e.g. fabric first concept of prescribing only non-combustible materials
  • It was expressed that content of ADB should be more readily understandable and easy to use while a contrary and isolated viewpoint amongst some fire services was that ADB should only be used by experts.
  • Many responses called for a programme of frequent review of ADSB and some suggestions that a new format should be considered.