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The aim of the diverse educational material submitted by FIS, as a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, is to give architects and specifiers a greater knowledge base and understanding of key aspects of commercial interiors that should help them to create better interiors.

FIS currently provides the following RIBA approved material:

A Guide to Office Acoustics (publication)

‘A Guide to Office Acoustics’ promotes best practice in the design and installation of acoustic solutions in offices.  It encompasses the needs of a range of audiences, including first time office occupiers, clients, specialist contractors, suppliers, designers, architects and acousticians.

A Guide to Partitions (presentation)

A Guide to Partitions – a RIBA Core Curriculum CPD presentation

The CPD presents the benefits, uses and performance of modern partitioning systems and is designed to make the audience aware of the innovative solutions available to specifiers from the membership of FIS.

The presentation covers:
• About FIS and its membership
• Advantages of modern partitions: flexibility, sustainability, reusability, tax benefits
• Their uses in a wide range of spaces
• Types of partitions available
• Performance issues, including the relevant building regulations
• Trends in partitions
• Innovation in partitions including electric films, workwalls, curved, dry joints
• Case studies

FIS CPDs can be booked by emailing Erika Skinner:

A Guide to Office Acoustics (presentation)

A Guide to Office Acoustics – a RIBA Core Curriculum CPD presentation.

Based on the FIS publication of the same name, the CPD key learning points include some important facts that are particularly useful to anyone involved in fit out, such as:
• Understanding flanking sound
• Laboratory tests vs onsite
• How background noise can be used to save money in the specification process
• How to provide absorption in reverberant spaces

FIS CPDs can be booked by emailing Erika Skinner:

To view the acoustic guide, scroll to the top section on this page.

Factfile Information Sheets on many technical and other aspects of commercial interiors

A digital Factfile of information sheets on many technical and other aspects of commercial interiors (at a special rate of £25.00 + VAT for RIBA CPD purposes).

The FIS Factfile is a comprehensive online folder of information on many aspects of commercial interior fit-outs. Its aim is to help specifiers and others to locate useful expert information under a variety of section headings, such as:

Contractual and Legal
Health and Safety
Industry Standards and Technical Performance
Interior Products, Services and Ancillary Products
Business Management and Marketing

Site Guides for Drylining, Partitioning, Raised Access Flooring, Suspended Ceilings and Wallcoverings

Site Guide for Drylining
Site Guide for Glazed Partitions
Site Guide for Partitioning
Site Guide for Raised Access Flooring
Site Guide for Suspended Ceilings
Site Guide for Wallcoverings

The FIS Site Guides, which are RIBA CPD approved, are guides to good practice for the benefit of main contractors, site managers/supervisors, designers, engineers and others involved in the building process or refurbishment, as an aid to understanding the requirements of the ceilings/partitioning/drylining contractor as a member of the team.

All those associated with ceilings, partitioning, wallcoverings, raised access flooring or drylining installation should be aware of what is deemed to be good practice in relation to health and safety, storage, handling and sequencing with other trades, as well as fixing. The objective of the Site Guides is to be useful to all members of the construction team.

FIS Members' RIBA CPD Material

RIBA Approved CPDs

Armstrong World Industries Ltd
• Suspended Ceilings and the Environment
• A Better Learning Environment
• Acoustics and suspended ceilings
• Fire and Suspended Ceilings
• Metal ceilings

• Building with Gypsum Fibre Boards

Knauf AMF Ceilings Ltd
• Suspended Ceilings, Buildings Acoustics and Applications

Optima Contracting Ltd
• Specifying Glass Partitions
• Non Loadbearling Partitions

OWA (UK) Ltd
• Introduction to Suspended Ceiling Systems
• Acoustics and Suspended Ceiling Systems

• Safer Suspended Ceilings and Acoustic Solutions using stone wool

Saint-Gobain Ecophon Ltd
• Ceiling Design Solutions
• Room Acoustic Comfort
• Introduction to Acoustics in Education
• Acoustics in Modern Teaching & Learning Environment
• Acoustic Design for Healthcare
• Acoustics in Clean Industries

SAS International Ltd
• Metal Ceilings: Specification, Design, Integration and Performance
• Clean and Safe Ceilings: An Anti-Bacterial Solution
• Chilled Ceilings, Chilled Beams and Integrated Service Modules: Energy Efficient Cooling
• Architectural Metalwork: Integrating Design and Performance
• Radiant Heating: High Level Heating
• Relocatable Partitioning Systems: Design, Specification and Performance
• SAS International Factory Tour

Selectaglaze Ltd
• Understanding and Specifying Secondary Glazing for:
Noise insulation / breakout
Security – blast/physical attack
Environmental controls

Stretch Ceilings Ltd
• A Specifiers Guide to Stretch Ceiling Systems

Style Moveable Partition Specialists
• Fully Automated Vertically Rising Acoustic Partition Systems
• Multi Functional Space

The Window Film Company UK Ltd
• Window Film, Manifestation and Interior Graphics

Other CPDs

Tektura plc
• Contract Wallcoverings