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Why should you become #iBuiltThis Ambassadors?

  1. Attract and inspire the next generation:

We want to enthuse the next generation by getting them involved, getting them to think differently about the construction industry and produce talented people who are going to shape our industry and its future.

  1. Change industry perceptions and increase the profile of construction:

We want to change the British public’ (especially parents,  teachers and young people) perceptions about the construction industry and educate them about the breadth of diversity of disciplines and career opportunities that are open to all.

  1. Champion construction collaboration:

We collaborated and worked with 22 partners across the industry during the 2018 competition and this year we are again extending an open invitation to all operating in the construction industry,  schools and colleges and individuals to get involved with this competition, participate in it yourselves,  get your family, friends,  neighbours,  community groups,  organisations you work for and lets work together to help drive awareness of what a fabulous sector construction really is.  We start doing this by building things related to the Built Environment and showcasing it through the competition entries.

  1. Drive engagement and make it fun:

Drive engagement and participation from industry, young people,  schools and colleges and rest of the British public in an all-inclusive, fun and exciting way.

How to become #iBuiltThis2019 Ambassador?

In an effort to increase visibility and awareness of the careers and skills within construction, we would welcome individuals,  industry and educational institutions to become #iBuiltThis Ambassadors. This means that in return for publicity and attendance at the #iBuiltThis2019 Awards Ceremony, you will commit to driving entries on the platform by taking the competition into your local schools and colleges and encourage them to run their own mini #iBuiltThis2019 competitions.

  • School and College Ambassadors:

School and colleges and run their own #iBuiltThis competitions by encouraging their departments and classes to build something linked to the built environment – this can be a diagram,  drawing,  software design or even a physical build.  Get the pupils to take a selfie with their project and exhibit to the rest of the class.  The class can vote for best entries.  Those with the highest votes will be selected as finalists and your head of department or head teacher can decide the winners.  It’s a fun activity to run in class and your pupils will be free to enter their entries individually or just the winning entries onto the competition platform.

  • Industry Ambassadors:

We would like FIS members and external companies including other trade organisations to take this competition back into their respective organisations and run this as a fun team engagement activity or organisational activity.  Also to share this with their membership base to enter the competition – individuals and winners can be entered on the #iBuiltThis2019 platform.

  • Individual Ambassadors:

Individuals can get their family,  friends,  neighbours,  community groups like playgroups,  Scouts,  Brownies to enter their projects on the #iBuiltThis competition platform.

For more information and how to become #iBuiltThis Ambassadors email