Approved Training Provider Network

Supporting quality provision within the finishes and interiors sector across the UK

FIS Approved Training Providers

Our Associate Member Training Providers deliver the training and qualifications required by members to support their businesses and to provide proof of competence – a key element in ensuring success.

Our dedicated team works with them to:

  • Support members in identifying appropriate training and qualifications.
  • Provide members with the training and qualifications they require to support their business.
  • Advice on the development of individuals to encourage organisational succession planning
  • Identify funding to support members training and qualification.
  • Inform members where funding is available.
  • Develop e-learning and best practice guides to underpin training.
  • Develop and provide FIS training support materials to promote standardisation.
  • Promote the acquisition of formal qualifications as a method of proving competence.
  • Identify, develop and champion qualifications that will ensure CSCS card registrations for members and their LOSCs.

Our training providers are vetted, to ensure they provide consistent delivery wherever you are in the UK.  They have free access to training specifications that have been developed by FIS to support the delivery of sector occupation apprenticeships and can be used to design training programmes that will match registered formal qualification outcomes.

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How to become an FIS Associate Member – Training Provider

FIS is the trade association for the Finishes and Interiors Sector. Our growing community of accredited members is drawn from contractors, manufacturers and distributors of ceilings, steel framing systems, operable walls, partitions, plastering, drylining and specialist interior fit-out and refurbishment businesses operating in every type of building.

Our associate member training providers deliver the training and qualification provision required by our contractor members to support their businesses and to provide proof of competence, which is a key element in ensuring their success.

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FIS Training Specifications

Developed to encourage standardisation across the sector, FIS Training Specifications support apprenticeship training delivery and can be used to design training contextualised to the occupation.

A block syllabus has been produced to assist training organisations in the formulation of a course programme.  It shows the minimum duration of each subject as expected by the Employer Development Group.  Subjects do not need to be delivered in the order shown, organisations are encouraged to produce a progressive programme.