COVID-19: What to do in suspensions?

Webinar Details

Date: 30 March 2020
Time: 14:00 – 15:00
Location: Online

With construction projects and disputes facing suspension due to COVID-19 we look at the practical steps to ensure your contractual entailment to time and money.

Presenter: Damian James, WWL, Delay and Quantum Expert

Damian is widely experienced in engineering and construction claims and dispute resolution working with contractors, employers and subcontractors, he crosses the divide between legal protocol and construction experience.

As a dispute resolver, Damian is commended on his ability to understand disputes early in the process and is regularly lauded on his clear and erudite discussions and written directions to the parties.

He has also undertaken expert determinations having been appointed in arbitrations and in adjudications. Damian has, on several occasions, given expert opinion evidence in the area of delay and disruption assessment and quantum / cost evaluation.

He has prepared and presented expert reports under JCT/FIDIC and NEC forms of contract and has drafted narratives examining causative potency, dynamic and static situations, condition precedent, foreseeability, purposive approach, penalties and damages. In specific matters of the FIDIC contract he has prepared reports in accordance with clause 3.5 determinations and clause 20.1 claim notifications along with clause 2.5 employer claims. In providing expedited relief he has proceeded to Arbitration and Dispute Adjudication Boards and submitted narratives of delay claims entitlement and monetary relief in sectors such as building, energy and rail.