FIS Virtual AGM and Conference

This year’s FIS annual conference will be held virtually on Tuesday 24 November. The programme for the event is below.

Event Details

Date: 24 November 2020
Location: Online
Time: 10:00 – 12:30


10am President’s Welcome and AGM Helen Tapper, FIS President
AGM and Board Election Results
10:10 The Fit-Out High Five Iain McIlwee, FIS Chief Executive

Changing Needs:  Back to work, back to normal or a complete reset? Andrew Parkin, Cundall

Sponsored by Forza Doors

Andrew Parkin looks at what the return to work means for the fit-out sector, the top trends that are driving fit-out projects. Is presenteeism is dead or will workplaces evolve into the vital social and collaboration hubs long trailed.

Q1.     Is the world of fit-out changing, how so, what are clients looking for from office space?
Q2.     How much of this is related to the COVID experience and how much is an inevitable shift?
Q3.     How far do you think change will go, are we looking at evolution or revolution?
Q4.     What are the key innovations that you see disrupting the market/What is the next big thing?
Q5.     What type of companies do you think will be successful as the market evolves?


Changing Markets:  Post BREXIT, post COVID what is the outlook for the Finishes and Interiors Sector? Dr Noble Francis CPA

Dr Noble Francis seeks to provide insight into the economic impact of the combined effect of BREXIT and COVID.  Looking at how the construction sector can and will rebuild in 2021.

Q1.        We are off the map, what is your process now for looking ahead?
Q2.        Where do you see the major challenges for companies in the Finishes and Interiors Sector?
Q3.        Does this particular cloud have a silver lining?
Q4.        Do you see long term structural change in the market now – is this a tipping point or a blip?
Q5.        What type of companies do you think will be successful as the market evolves?


Changing Culture: Is value led change even possible? Ann Bentley, Rider Levett Bucknall

Ann Bentley, a member of CLC and author of Procuring for Value talks about a paradigm shift built on value not cost.  Ann will explore how the sector must start to drive better social, environmental and economic outcomes through value-based decision-making and how as the industry enters a new era, it must not waste the opportunity to act differently and create new ways of working.

Q1.       In construction we seem to understand the cost of everything, but do you believe we have a clear view on what value really means?
Q2:       Do you think priorities are changing amongst clients and what is driving this?
Q3:      A key aim of FIS is to help the good companies win, but the market isn’t always set up in this way. How do you believe widespread adoption of the new Toolkit will impact companies working in the finishes and interiors sector, will it support early engagement, resilience and investment through the supply chain?
Q4.      Who are the key agents for change and how can specialist contractors help to drive improvement in the market?
Q5.      What type of companies do you think will be successful as the market evolves?


Changing Risks: Insuring Construction – a risky business?
In recent years we have seen the attitude of the insurance sector to construction, in light of tragic events changing.  There has been growing uptake of professional indemnity insurance, these have started to increase significantly in price and restrictive endorsements creeping in.  How must the sector react to this in order to ensure we don’t hit an insurance crisis?

Q1.        How do you believe the insurance sector views construction, through the eyes of a Risk Engineer?
Q2.        How should we be approaching the insurance industry to manage this problem together?
Q3.        What do you believe the impact of legislative change will be to the way risk is viewed?
Q4.        Are models like Integrated Project Insurance likely to drive profound change?
Q5.        What type of companies do you think will be successful in this new market?


Changing Contracts: How can we unpick the contractual mess? Dave Bebb, Fenwick Elliott

Are the days of the standard contract dead, with reams of amendments undermining the core principle or are we on the cusp of the great realisation that risk mitigation and management are often diametrically opposed?

Q1.        How do you think the contractual nature of construction has changed in recent times and do you think this is for better or worse?
Q2.        Do you believe new legislation will impact the way we write risk out in contracts?
Q3.        Looking up the chain, do you see any appetite for change or signs of hope?
Q4.        How do you think companies need to adapt to the change?
Q5.        What type of companies do you think will be successful in this new market?

11:35 Round up
11:35 – 11:45 Break

Live Panel Debate – The Roadmap to Recovery


Compliance, Collaboration, Competence and Culture, what are the big changes we expect to see in the next two years?

The challenge ahead for the next 12 months – how we come out fighting fit.

12:30 Close