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Members may be aware of reports by occupants of newly built apartments in high rise residential buildings around the world experiencing noise during instances of high wind.

FIS has agreed to chair a group of interested parties from across the construction, design, engineering and housebuilding supply chain in exploring a possibility that wind induced movement of the building may be leading to a lateral deflection/stress of the internal building fabric and/or building services, and hence creating instances of movement noise.  We will keep members updated on developments.  An updated statement on this issue has been also been complied by the Gypsum Products Development Association (GPDA) and can be viewed here.  It is important to note that the cause(s) and ultimate source(s) of the noise (reported as a repeated creaking sound) are unknown.

Should you have any questions, please contact the FIS Technical Team.

FIS members are reminded that, when reviewing contractual obligations, including specifications and requirements for performance and workmanship, or adapting a design or specification, that they do so in full consultation with suppliers and with the written approval of the designers and system owner to ensure they are not inadvertently accepting responsibility or design liability for this issue either through their actions or by way of contractual obligation.

Disclaimer: This statement is for information purposes only and is not intended to form any legal contract or binding agreement.