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It has been confirmed to CPA that in the event of a no deal Brexit, UK importers will have an 18 month transitional period during which they can put information identifying themselves on an accompanying document rather than on the product itself.

It is important that current ‘distributors’ within the UK who become ‘importers’ after Brexit realise that this is one of their newly acquired legal obligations to affix their name and address to all construction products brought in from the EU27. This is just one of numerous legal obligations which newly designated importers will have to undertake. Other obligations given in Article 13 of the CPR include:

  • Ensure that the system of AVCP is carried out by the manufacturer
  • Ensure  that a DoP has been drawn up by the manufacturer
  • Ensure the product carries the EU27 CE mark
  • Ensure that manufactures are complying with labelling obligations
  • If an importer suspects a product is non-compliant with the CPR, it cannot be placed on the market