Partition Industry Working Group

FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme

What is the FIS Partition Industry Working Group?

The FIS Partition Industry Working Group was formed by manufacturers of demountable and relocatable partition systems.

What do we do?

To address the changing face of the commercial interior and recognise that partition systems are being used in healthcare, education, retail as well as offices, the industry came together to form the FIS Partition Industry Forum, to help to educate specifiers and designers about how these systems can be used to provide the flexibility, and importantly, the performance required in each type of built environment.

What are the issues that will need to be addressed?

  • Ensuring that specifiers can understand acoustic and fire test results
  • Health and Safety in the sector
  • The issues surrounding toughened glass
  • Updating standards to reflect current product solutions
  • Skills development for the industry

Our vision

To provide an information platform that is recognised across the sector, to provide data on performance, standards and specification.

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Develop technical standards as required
  • Promote best practice in the market
  • Educate and inform clients and specifiers about partition work
  • Promote the products and skills of FIS members in this field
  • Shape the market so that the correct adherence to standards is recognised and adhered to by all, to the benefit of clients

Chairman of the Forum is Ian Strangward, Managing Director at Architectural Wallsz (International) Limited: “The FIS has provided a place where manufacturers can come together to address the real issues around standards and performance that the sector has highlighted as requiring updating, and address common issues around the use of toughened glass.

The FIS Partition Industry Forum has already engaged with BSI who develop the standards used in the UK and contribute to European and International Standards; this is something that we couldn’t have done as individual manufacturers. And because FIS is also involved in areas such as digitisation and sustainability, they are able to keep us abreast of issues such as BIM and SKA rating.”

Notes from last meeting

The last meeting of this working group took place on 7 November in London. The meeting notes are available here.

Companies and organisations who have contributed to this group:


Architectural Wallsz (International) Limited


CCF (Sector)


Construction Specialities


Dockland Systems









Nevill Long


Optima Products


SAS Direct