Heritage Plastering Working Group

What is the FIS Heritage Plastering Working Group?

Formed in December 2014, the working groups role is to be a focus point for FIS members who are involved in supplying materials for, or carrying out new and remedial work to heritage plaster ceilings and plaster works in heritage and historic buildings. The forum works with other Heritage-related organisations such as Historic England, The Theatres Trust and The Association of British Theatre Technicians to ensure the highest standards of safety and workmanship are maintained in plaster ceilings and plasterwork in historic buildings.

The working group is chaired by Jonathan Riley from Locker & Riley (Fibrous Plastering) Ltd

Note: Generally, forum meetings are held as and when issues or matters arise that require the input, guidance and adherence of FIS members.

Our main objectives are:

  • Develop technical standards as required (own the Technical Space)
  • Promote best practice in the market
  • Educate and inform clients and specifiers about Heritage work
  • Promote the products and skills of FIS members in this field
  • Shape the market so that the correct adherence to standards is recognised and adhered to by all to the benefit of clients
  • Extend our independent advisory service to include expertise in Heritage works
  • Support the main core activities of FIS
  • Attract other companies into membership

Companies and organisations who have contributed to this group

Artisan Plastercraft Ltd – www.artisanplastercraft.com
David Fisher & Sons (Edinburgh) Ltd – www.fisherplastering.co.uk
G Cook and Sons Ltd – www.georgecookspecialistplasterers.com
George Jackson Ltd – www.georgejackson.com
Hayles and Howe Ltd – www.haylesandhowe.co.uk/home
Ornate Interiors Ltd – www.ornateinteriors.co.uk
Ornate Plaster (UK) – www.ornateplasteruk.com
Simplicity Mouldings & Interiors Ltd – www.simplicitymouldings.co.uk

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