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This page is dedicated to providing information, in the form of articles, documents and presentations, which are of particular relevance to manufacturers.

Manufacturing with BIM - The Cubicle Centre story

A six-minute clip that explores how BIM has helped streamline the design-to-manufacture process at Cubicle Systems.

B1M Video


BIM4M2 is a working group consisting of people and organisations concerned with BIM for manufacturers (the organisations) and manufacturing (the process).

BIM4M2 Website

Product Data Template (PDT)

A PDT is a standard ‘questionnaire’ for each equipment type. Each PDT aims to anticipate the information sought by every party – from specification through operations to decommissioning and replacement.

PDT Glossary

One of the requirements of the Governments 2016 BIM target is the use of COBie* files. These standardise the format, level of detail and point at which information needs to be provided for the contract. This has the advantage of removing doubt about what is required and when. Information can also be standardised where it is generic and can then be used from project to project saving repetitious yet slightly different processes that are so time consuming. The Product Data Template (PDT) is designed to deliver this requirement, and will allow manufacturers to populate the templates into Product Data Sheets (PDS) to provide structured data at specific information exchanges as described in the Digital Plan of Work.

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineering (CIBSE) started this project with M&E products and BIM4FitOut has joined the steering committee to develop PDTs in the interiors sector.

BIM4FitOut will develop PDTs for products covered by the membership of FIS. Other trade associations and groups will produce PDTs for their particular products and BIM4FitOut is leading this work by bringing together 17 of the 28 associations to date for doors, windows, interior glazing, ironmongery, flooring wall covings, fire protection, joinery, commercial cooking equipment, plasters, access floors and insulation. BIM4FitOut will produce PDT’s for partitions and suspended ceilings and help coordinate these PDTs and feed back into the main group.

The use of PDTs and the project specific Product Data Sheets PDS will deliver significant savings in areas such as the production of O&M manuals.

COBie explained

*COBie is an information exchange specification for the lifecycle capture and delivery of information needed by facility managers. COBie can be viewed in design, construction, and maintenance software as well as in simple spreadsheets.

A simple how-to: Product Data Sheets

A simple how-to: Product Data Templates

Product Data Definition

What will BIM mean for manufacturers?

Does being BIM-ready offer a competitive advantage? And longer term, what will the return on investment be?

Interview in Interiors Insight

Manufacturers’ Questions on BIM

FIS Technical Manager, Joe Cilia, answers manufacturers’ questions on BIM

“It is better to embrace the technology now, than get left behind.”

BIM for Manufacturers Seminar - 28 July, London

This one day seminar is designed for the manufacturer, both those using BIM and those considering its adoption. Suitable for both the technical and marketing person, it will provide an impartial perspective on progress with BIM implementation and then split the group into those using BIM and those considering it, to address specific issues relevant to you.

BIM4M2 Seminar 28 July 2015

BIM4FitOut Conference 2013 Presentations