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All the projects FIS engage in are designed to save our members money by minimising activity or making a process more efficient.

Even before BIM, one of the few processes that has changed for the worse, because of digitisation, is the tendering process. For example, when paper copies were required for sending out to tenderers, the minimum number of drawings were produced to save on cost. In the digital age, all project information can be distributed at the touch of button, whether it is needed or not. This results in the tenderer searching through vast amounts of often contradictory data to find the necessary information. It is no wonder that errors occur, with tenders containing mistakes frequently winning the contract. Even with BIM implementation, the tendering process has not yet gone totally digital and projects are still being tendered conventionally. This clearly will not continue as BIM becomes adopted.

The BIM4FitOut group wish to prevent a plethora of different processes being adopted using BIM and therefore launched the BID4Free project. This has two parts, the development of a free BIM viewer that allows subcontractors and manufacturers to view the model, create requests for information and return a tender at little or no additional cost.

BIM4FitOut has been successful in a Technology Strategy Board (now known as Innovate) bid to develop a free 3D viewer for the task. Partners on the project are Balfour Beatty and 3D Repo.

The projects began in 2015 and the platform was launched at Digital Construction Week in October. More details can be found here:

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