Digital Construction Working Group

What is the FIS Digital Construction Working Group?

Digital Construction working group is a Working Group formed by FIS member companies to address the impact of digital on the finishes and interiors sector. The Group’s aim is to draw the supply chain together (including  prepare the sector for the Digital Revolution that is now evident in construction.  To date much of the activity has centred on BIM as the group emerged from the BIM4FiOut Group, but attention has now moved to look at Augmented Reality, Artificial Reality, Digital Twins, Product Labelling and Marking and Mobile and Digital Management Tools.

What do we do?

The group firmly believes that BIM is about process not simply a technology. The focus of the group is on informing the sector of the benefits of BIM and engaging them so they are enabled to work in this new digital environment, and to identify processes that add no value or destroy value in construction. This can, and does occur at all points in the supply chain, hence a vertically integrated group has a greater chance of identifying and improving efficiency in the process.

It is recognised that BIM is just one manifestation of the digitisation of the construction industry. This is part of the digital revolution and the group believes it is better to take part in a revolution than have one ‘done’ to you! Digitisation will see rapid change in many other areas of operation such as procurement, payment and training.

What are the issues that will need to be resolved ?

  • Better procurement processes with contractors engaged earlier in the design process
  • Better legal and commercial arrangements to allow truly collaborative working in teams
  • Open systems to allow easy and consistent use of differing software in the same model
  • Skills development for the industry
  • More collaborative working

Our vision
The Digital Constructions Group vision is to have an integrated supply chain in the fit-out sector

Our mission

  • To interrogate the business case for Digital Disruptors in the fit-out sector
  • To help shape that implementation by influencing key decision-makers
  • To establish best practice and disseminate through the supply chain
  • To share knowledge and learning between members and other trade associations
  • To evaluate the application of BIM to drive improvements in the delivery of training and safeguarding health
  • To act as a conduit for sector-relevant information to and from the Cabinet Office Task Groups
  • To ensure the sector is represented across the various strategic government initiatives
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge and best practice

Chairman of  the Digital Construction Working Group is Mark Norton, Head of BIM for ISG Fit Out and Engineering Services. He says “BIM is not the future, it is now; a day-to-day reality. I have spoken these words many times over the past few years and we now see a significant push from clients to incorporate BIM into fit-out project work. This is an opportunity to engage and develop the holistic collaborative approach that BIM generates and demonstrate its real benefits to the construction process and our customers. The BIM4FitOut special interest group is an active platform with initiative and drive to promote new thinking and support BIM within the fit-out marketplace. I will endeavour to encourage and develop this ethos in my new position as Chair of this group.”

Companies and organisations who have contributed to this group

  • Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP)
  • 8Build
  • Balfour Beatty
  • B1M
  • BIM4DC
  • bluu
  • Como
  • Construction Products Association (CPA)
  • DMA Architects
  • ISG
  • Leica Geosytems
  • MACE
  • Modus Group
  • Morgan Lovell
  • Office Projects
  • Osborne
  • Overbury
  • Paragon
  • Paramount
  • Parkeray
  • Skansen
  • Structuretone
  • Styles&Wood
  • Thomas Interiors
  • Wates Interiors
  • Willmott Dixon
  • Willmott Dixon Interiors