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FIS technical director Joe Cilia will be presenting the FIS Acoustics CPD at the Knauf Showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week.

Seminar synopsis

Good acoustics are essential to productivity and creativity in the workplace. Indeed they can be key to the success of a building. Those of you who have worked in an environment with poor room acoustics, insufficient privacy or excess or lack of background noise will testify to the crucial role acoustics plays. FIS has grown over the past 50 years to become the leading trade association for the interiors fit out sector of the construction industry, representing companies involved in the manufacture, supply and installation of all aspects of interior fit out and refurbishment. Its members can provide optimum solutions for controlling sound within office environments.

The seminar will cover these key points:

• Understand the physical principles of sound, how it is measured and how it travels.
• Understand how products are tested in a laboratory.
• Understand how flanking sound can greatly affect sound performance of a partition.
• To be able to plan by zoning areas depending on activity and background noise levels.
• To be able to design the finishes within an environment and the effect they will have on reverberation.
• Understand how sound can be controlled through absorption, insulation and diffusion
• Understand the different descriptors used.
• Understand the effect that exposed soffits have on the acoustic performance of a space.
• To be able to select partitions to meet a requirement based on background noise levels.

This event is free but booking in advance is essential. 

This event is exclusively for the Architect and Design community.

Event Details

Knauf Clerkenwell
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