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The SFS working group meeting will be held at Plaisterers Hall Offices from 14:00 – 16:30. This will be followed by the launch of the much-awaited Technical Report ED017 – Design and Installation of Light Steel External Wall Systems guide. The launch event will run from 16:30-18:00.

Meeting agenda

At the working group meeting we will consider how as an association we should;

  • Be declaring product performance, ie essential information and options for verification this is to de-risk the supply chain by understanding what is required and providing robust evidence.
  • Consider safety and health, in construction and in use and disassembly deconstruction and look at the risks? – dust, failure, MSD, manual handling, fixings
  • How we can address sustainability, reuse repair re cycle produce an EPD register?
  • Consider productivity and sequencing, where are the bottle necks, what can be done to address the issues
  • How can we gain market intelligence? What is the size of the market, how many operatives are in the sector, what are the trends?
  • How do we address skills training and competence?
  • How do we promote the sector?

SFS Guide Launch

FIS, and the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), will launch the much-awaited Technical Report ED017 – Design and Installation of Light Steel External Wall Systems guide with a consortium of industry partners.  

SFS is the lightweight steel frame used to create the inner leaf of an external wall, it’s been around for over 20 years but its benefits are just being realised, which is why so many projects are using it, but there are problems being created because of a lack of planning and knowledge. It’s the first thing you see, but often the last thing that’s designed in a building, and that’s the issue.

SFS is seen as non-load bearing, not holding the structure up but it is supporting cladding, internal linings insulation and perhaps even services. There are significant implications should it fail, which could lead to the external cladding falling off.

Who is the guide aimed at and why should they use it?

  • The guide is for anyone who designs and installs SFS infill walls
  • Anyone checking that the products are being correctly installed, such as a ‘Clerk of Works’.
  • It will help to raise standards
  • Show clients what SFS is and how it works.
  • It will get people thinking about what is expected of them, the design and the final installation.
  • It will give installers the confidence to question designs and provide guidance to ensure the installation is as good as it can be.
  • The document includes check lists as well as guidance that makes people stop and check that all the information that should be provided, is provided.

As the landscape post-Grenfell develops, we envisage that it will be very different from the way in which buildings are being designed and constructed now, this guide will become the go to reference for all involved.

Book your place at the SFS guide launch now,  it will allow you engage with industry experts in this specialised area and network with other professionals.

Event Details

Plaisterers' Hall offices, One London Wall, London EC2Y 5JU
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SFS Guide launch:
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