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Objectives of the Drylining Working Group are:

  • Develop technical standards as required
  • Promote best practice in the market
  • Educate and inform clients and specifiers about drylining
  • Promote the products and skills of FIS members
  • Shape the market so that the correct  standards is recognised and adhered to by all to the benefit of clients
  • Provide relevant market data
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New Guidance: Intumescent Paint– fixing drylining to the underside of structural beams

Manual handling issues
> Delivery of materials to site and safe ingress
> Mechanical aids to assist in the handling of boards to the place of work

Quality Management – standardising the process for drylining (Alex Double, A D Design Consultants) – what to look for, when and how to record it.

Review comments:  Update of Drylining Site Guide

Training and qualifications

Materials and workmanship: What the Inspector sees (Rob Pannell, NHBC)


Event Details

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10:30 - 13:30
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