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1. Welcome, introductions and apologies

2. Working in a BIM environment (Joe Cilia, FIS and ISG)
a) Responding to PQQs
b) Concepts and principles of ISO
c) Presenting data (an update on PDTs and Lexicon)

3. Digital Security – questions your business must have answers to (Mark Norton, ISG)

4. The Innovate-funded ‘Digitally connected supply chains’ project (Steve Thompson, PCSG)

5. Explaining Digital Twins (Steve Thompson, PCSG)

6. Digital solutions to improving quality (featuring a presentation from Paul Nagel of Donseed on Biometric Workforce Management and how it fits in the digital landscape)

7. CITB funding for digitisation (Iain McIlwee, FIS)

8. Demonstration: embracing augmented reality (Mark Norton, ISG)

9. AOB

10. Date and time of next meetings


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ISG, London
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