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The FIS Ceilings working group will take place on 13 March in London.

We will consider how as an association we should;

  • be declaring product performance, ie essential information and options for verification this is to de-risk the supply chain by understanding what is required and providing robust evidence.
  • consider safety and health, in construction and in use and disassembly deconstruction and look at the risks? – dust, failure, MSD, manual handling, fixings,
  • how we can address sustainability, reuse repair re cycle produce an EPD register?
  • consider productivity and sequencing, where are the bottle necks, what can be done to address the issues
  • how can we gain market intelligence? What is the size of the market, how many operatives are in the sector, what are the trends?
  • How do we address skills training and competence?
  • How do we promote the sector?
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Event Details

Saint Gobain Multi Comfort Centre, 95 Great Portland St, Marylebone, London W1W 7NY
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